Its been a while but my next tutorial for Digital Tutors is just around the corner, and as usual they have released a teaser video to wet your appetites.

Look below, or go here for more information…

Creative Development Preview: Real-time Vehicle Creation in Maya and Silo Tutorial




“In this Maya tutorial we will focus on the creation of a real time sports car by covering three main areas. We’ll start by building the high resolution model used for generating the detail maps that can also be used for production renders and animation. Next, we’ll use that model to give us a head start in generating a game model with no more than 10,000 polygons. Once the game model is built and optimized, we’ll focus on adding a good set of UVs before generating its diffuse, normal and specular texture maps. By the end of this tutorial, members will have learned how to quickly create a high resolution vehicle and a real-time version too; and be able to use the tips and shortcuts learned along the way on future projects.”