A new mobile and desktop game has just been released which I had the pleasure of working on earlier this year.

Wolfbood: The Mystery of Stoneybridge is a game tied to the popular supernatural CBBC series, Wolfblood, in which the main protagonists, Maddy and Rhydian, discover they aren`t all they appear to be. A discovery which leads them into a double life as they try to keep their secret safe.

This project was a departure from my usual 3D based work as it was purely illustrated, which was as exciting as it was challenging. I initially approached the artwork by using my Wacom tablet along with Photoshop but found I couldn`t get the look I was after. I then spent preproduction working with ProCreate on the iPad which was a joy to use, and very intuitive. The image above is an example of what I was creating.

The idea was to use photo reference and almost paint over it to get a more stylised and “graphic novel” feel, which the publishers were keen to pursue.

Once production began I found that the smaller screen on the iPad was a little limiting, especially when working on one 8 hours straight. So I decided now was the time to bite the bullet and order the Cintiq I had been after for years, but had never had a good enough reason to actually purchase.

From there it was a case of using ProCreate initially before fine tuning and finalising with the Cintiq and Photoshop.

I want to the thank the guys at Photon Storm for coming to me with this project, it was great fun.

If you want to hear more about the game, and how it was made then make sure you head over to the developers site too for an inside look.

Wolfblood: The Mystery of Stoneybridge for CBBC

You can also check the game out here – Wolfblood: The Mystery of Stoneybridge Game – Although it will only work on mobile devices at present, desktop support is coming soon.


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