As you may, or may not be aware, back in May 2013 I began writing a new series of tutorials for the guys at CGTuts+.

What we wanted to do was take Kila, one of the subjects from my first book published in 2004, and bring her up to date. In effect, write an online book covering all the areas I also discussed in the book. This not only included character creation, but also rigging, animation and also LODs.


My original book is now nearing its 10th birthday, but most of what it contains is still relevant to today’s game artists, but its nice to bring Kila up to date with more recent techniques.

Part 5, which is centred around building a skeleton and connecting it to the model, went live today with Part 6 coming soon.

Below are links to all the parts covered so far. They are free so please take a look and let me know what you think in the comments either here or on the actual pages themselves.