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Creating an animated character that’s believable is a big challenge. In this article for Creative BloQ I offer some pro tips to help you succeed.

For as long as humans have crawled upon the surface of the earth we have held a fascinated with art and motion. Early cave drawings show that even primitive man would try to give the illusion of movement by posing the limbs on their animal sketches.

Fast forward to the 1800s and even before the invention of the motion picture camera, Edward Muybridge was using photographs taken sequentially to help study human and animal motion, images which are still frequently used to this day.

These days we are surrounded by animation in one form or another, be this film, television or more traditional methods. So with animation all around us, how do you as an animator stand out from the crowd and improve your own skills?

What follows are 15 tips to improve your character animation. Although some of these are aimed at 3D animation, most can also be applied to other, more physical genres too.

01. Observe real-life characters

Breathing life into a once inanimate object may seem a simple task, yet it’s those subtle nuances that can help to portray emotion and give a true feeling of thought and consideration behind each movement.

Observing people, how they interact, how they express themselves and even how they move around is essential in helping you gain a good understanding, not only of motion but also timing and weight. Why not take some time to go out, grab a coffee and observe the world around you? (You’re not skipping work – it’s research!)

02. Study the psychology of movement

To truly mimic someone you must first understand their movements, not only the process of motion but also in intention. I’m not suggesting you drop everything and enrol at your local university, but instead do a little research.

Everything we do has a purpose, and the way we pose and hold ourselves can speak volumes. Understanding the thought processes behind why we do what we do, and when, will help you to share this through your animation.

You can read the full article here – 15 Ways To Improve Your Character Animation

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