Maya 2015 is a huge update but is it one worth investing in?

Another year has slipped by and it’s time for Autodesk to introduce its 2015 suite of tools, and with it comes its annual update to Maya. Each year the company boasts that it’s the best or biggest update yet, with this year being no exception, so it was with a little scepticism that I opened this release and began to investigate what was new.

The good news is that this time Autodesk is true to its word with additions and improvements in most areas, including its UI layout, UV mapping, and smooth skin binding tools, as well as enhancements to Viewport 2.0.

These also come hand in hand with some brand new technology, the first being in the form of Bifrost, its procedural effects platform capable of generating some seriously impressive fluid simulations. Maya’s subdivision surfaces now use Pixar’s OpenSubDiv libraries by default, replacing the legacy Catmull-Clark method, improving performance and allowing you to visualise displacement maps in real time.

xGen, Maya’s arbitrary primitive generator, which was previously only available to Maya 2014 subscription holders is now fully included. This gives the user a more intuitive and economical way to apply detailed hair, fur, foliage or almost any repetitive model over the surface of another…

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