Wacom Stand Review

When the MobileStudio Pro was released it wasn’t just the name which was changed to move it away from the Cintiq Companion range. This time around Wacom decided not to include the extras which were bundled with the earlier devices, so this time you didn’t get a stand or slick carry case.

If I’m honest I never liked the Companion stands. They were large, bulky, clumsy and added to the overall size and weight of the device, so I wasn’t sad to see them go. I was surprised however that Wacom didn’t supply an alternative. Even a kick stand like you get with the Cintiq 27QHD would have been an improvement

It was then announced that a custom stand was in production for the MobileStudio Pro so we all waited with baited breath for its release and over a year later, we finally have the official Wacom stand.

Like most people I grew tired of waiting so opted to find an alternative and after trying a few options I settled on a super cheap option from IKEA, which set me back a whopping £4. It did the job, so I was happy.

So, after all this time is the new stand still worth considering or are Wacom too late to the party?

Read on to find out…

Unboxing & Setup

Inside the box you will find the stand, which is surprisingly small and light. You also receive a set of instructions to help you install and operate the stand as well as another small bag containing a mini screwdriver and clips.

These are used to change the clips in the back of the MobileStudio Pro if you find the ones installed are too stiff or loose when attaching the stand.

Installing the stand is easy. In the back of the MobileStudioPro you will notice two long, slim recesses strips above and below the center. This where the stand clips into place.

To install simply take the smaller of the two hinges in the stand and push it into the lower recess, until it clicks. This acts as the hinge allowing you to fold the stand open and also close it.

The larger hinge at the top of the stand now clicks into the upper recess. With my first attempt I did find I had to put a lot of pressure on the upper clip to make it snap, so I would recommend lying the device on a towel to prevent damaging the screen.

This is the stand closed and once attached you can see just how slim and compact it is.

To open the stand, you press the lower part of the larger hinge, where the groove is. This releases it allowing you to fold open the stand and set it to the desired height.

The Stand

As will all Wacom devices and peripherals the stand screams quality. Its sturdy, light, compact and well built. From the cool black metal its fashioned from to the stylish chrome poles which hold it in place, you can tell its design has been well considered. There isn’t anything excessive about the stand, everything has a purpose. Its also very tactile because of the metal frame, making it smooth and cool to touch.

When attached to the MobileStudio Pro it adds almost no bulk or weight to the device, so you can easily slip it into a carry case. The two become one, like the stand has always been there, which does beg the question, why wasn’t it?

General Use

The stand offers three levels, giving you different elevations to work with. Each section simply folds out and clicks into place and once set the whole system becomes rock solid.

You can lean on the device and the stand won’t move, you can also pick up the MobileStudio Pro and move to another desk and the stand remains connected and intact.

There’s no wobble as you paint or sculpt, its sturdy, which is essential with this type of work.

Should You Invest?

When the stand was first released I couldn’t imagine spending another £90, (or $50 at present) on something to support the MobileStudio Pro. Especially after all this time. I was happy with my budget stand, or so I thought…

As soon as I connected the stand I knew it was worth investing in. It’s what the MobileStudio Pro has been waiting for and now it feels complete.

It’s now a permanent fixture and because its so slim I can fold it down and it disappears, making the MobileStudio pro even more mobile. I no longer have to take a separate stand out with me plus I have the option of three levels to work with.

What I do wonder is why, after paying what could be £3,000 for a MobileStudio Pro, this stand wasn’t included? Or during the redesign process, built into the back of the device to begin with.

Whatever Wacom’s reasons, what we have now is a fantastic stand which compliments the MobileStudio Pro perfectly.

Although Wacom supplied the device for me to test, the opinions offered in this review are my own.

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