Free Model #15 – Kila + LODs + Rig + Dynamics

I thought it was about time I uploaded another freebie for you all, and this one was just begging to be added to the list. If you have been following my Game Character Creation Series you will no doubt already have this in your arsenal, but if not there here she is. Kila is an updated version of my previous free Kila model, this time bringing her up to date [...]

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Free Model #14 – Reaper Rig

Seeing as its almost Christmas I thought I would give away another model and rig, and again the guys at 3DWorld have generously allowed me to share some tutorial files. This time you can download, and play with the Reaper rig created in the cloth simulation tutorial found back in issue 156 (Click here for more information). I know its not "Christmasy" but its free and all set-up and ready to play with [...]

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Free Model #13 – Car Model

Its been a while since I posted any freebies but I hope its worth the wait. The guys over at 3DWorld recently granted me permission to share some of the models and rigs I created over the past year or so while recording tutorials for them, and below you can download the first, for free. As you can see, this is a full car model, complete with detailed tyres, weapons [...]

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Free Stuff #12 – Book Downloads

Well, its almost Christmas so I thought I would compile all the free and bonus chapters for my books in one place for you to download. These include full chapters on building a gun in Silo, (or any other SubD app), and using Silos tools UVs. If you like what you read why not buy the books 😉 Merry Christmas! Create a Pistol in Silo (or any other SubD app) UV Mapping [...]

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Free Stuff #11 – Simple MEL

I thought it was about time I uploaded something to my site, something that you guys could use and maybe develop? Well, rather than a model or a rig I thought I would share some of the simple MEL scripts I use on a daily basis. Simple copy the text below and create a button in Maya 🙂 Reload Textures - Reloads all the textures in a scene string $textureList[] [...]

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Free Model #10 – Checker Map

Its taken me a while to post another update to this blog so here is a quickie for now, and a free texture I posted on Twitter recently. This is a checker map to help when UV mapping. The idea behind this map is it will allow you to see how the texture covers the surface of your model, it will hilight any stretches, or mirrored UV shells, plus you [...]

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Free Model #9 – Bug

About time I gave away another model, and this time its a bug of some sort...Perfect for ZBrushing/Mudboxing up to add all those cool details 🙂 Download it directly here - Bug Model - and please pay it forward by sharing this page with one of the social links below. Doing so will help me to share more content, all for free.

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Free Model #8 – Male Bust Base Mesh

Its been a while but here is the next free model...Its a male base mesh I have been working on, to be a starting point for many ZBrush sculpts. Download it directly here - Head Model - and please pay it forward by sharing this page with one of the social links below. Doing so will help me to share more content, all for free.

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Free Model #7 – Grae – Fully Rigged Character + LODs

Another model for you budding animators! This time the second character created in my first book, Game Character Development with Maya - Grae. He`s six years old now so forgive the basic model... Its the same deal as with Kila, he is fully rigged with facial setup and LOD`s and is ready to go... Download him directly here - Grae - and please pay it forward by sharing this page with one of [...]

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Free Model #6 – Kila – Fully Rigged Character + LODs

I thinks its time I posted another freebie, and this time I thought I would resurrect one of my old characters, Kila. Some of you may recognise her from my first book, and maybe you have had chance to play around with this rig before, but I thought I would add her anyway. She is a fully rigged character model complete with all facial setup etc. and LOD`s, perfect for you budding [...]

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