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Project Description

Through this series of tutorials we will explore how to model, UV, texture, light, render and composite a futuristic military vehicle.

Using subdivision surfaces we will begin by blocking out the main shapes of the vehicle before we then focus on smaller geometry details, and surface refinement. Once we are happy with the model we will move into Maya where we will apply a full set of UVs. This will then allow us to focus on adding more details through the texture pages.

With the model built and textured we can finally turn our attention to lighting the scene and creating our final render.

The aim of this tutorial is to show how to quickly create a high resolution vehicle from concept right through to final render while sharing lots of tips and shortcuts along the way. Once completed we can then take the lessons learned throughout this course onto future projects, confident in being able to create high quality work in a fraction of the time.

I hope you enjoy this course, if so please let me know. You can find the full tutorial at the following link –

Aircraft Modeling and Texturing Techniques in Maya and Silo