Project Description

Its been a while since I worked on a sports title, so when First Touch Games approached me with this project I happily accepted.

My role was to create a new batch of player characters but ones which could be easily customized and changed without the need for a huge amount of new assets. So in short, one character whose kit could be changed easily in code but also have the flexibility to change to different head and hair models too.

Below is the promotional video for the game along with some screen shots so you can see the players in action.

Here you can see various images taken directly from the Maya viewport showing the players as they were built.

  • You can see the actual in game model with the basic normal map applied.
  • The diffuse map, which was a combination of painted textures along with an occlusion pass to add extra depth and solidity to the models. Next to that is the diffuse with the normal map applied.
  • Finally you can see a few of the kit variations which were needed. Long and short sleeves as well as the shirts tucked in and loose.

In addition to the base models I also worked on different skin and race models, as well as a range of hair and facial hair variations.

The game is now available to download from the App Store, so why don`t you have a look for yourself – Its Free!