Project Description

Over the duration of this 6 hour tutorial we will be modeling and texturing a low poly game character.

Rather than focusing on the higher-end scale that is commonly seen in other tutorials, with this course we will be limiting ourselves to just a few thousand polygons. We will begin, not by sculpting a high detail model in ZBrush or Mudbox, but by focusing on the character’s actual low polygon in-game model.

Once that’s built and optimized, we will then focus on adding a good set of UVs before we move onto painting diffuse, normal and specular texture maps.

By the end of this tutorial we will have taken a look at numerous tips, techniques and shortcuts all geared towards saving precious time by simply focusing on the actual game model itself.

I hope you enjoy this course, if so please let me know. You can find the full tutorial at the following link –

Creating a Low Poly Game Character in Maya and Silo