Project Description

Throughout this tutorial we will see how to build, UV, texture, pose, light, and render the Sci-Fi Hero. We are going to cover all bases as we create this Sci-Fi Hero character.

Rather than focusing on a few key areas we will be looking in detail at each aspect of his construction, going right from the first polygon to the final pixel. We will begin with primitives which will form the foundations of the character before we use subdivision surfaces to flesh out the rest of his body and armor. With the model ready we will then apply a full set of UVs as well as look into adding detailed textures.

On top of this we will also briefly explore adding a rig to the character so we can pose him before we then light the scene, setup our shaders, make our final adjustments and output our render passes.

Finally we will mix everything together in Photoshop and add a bit of magic to give us our final render.

I hope you enjoy this course, if so please let me know. You can find the full tutorial at the following link –

Creating a Sci-Fi Hero in Maya and Silo