Project Description

In this series of tutorials we are not just going to create a sci-fi villain, but rather than repeat what was shown in my previous course, we will investigate a few other important aspects of character creation, expanding on what you learned previously.

We will begin by briefly covering her construction with the help of a pre-made base mesh then shift the focus to texture and shader-related areas including the use of subsurface scattering for her skin.

Once textured we will create a skeleton and some simple controls so we can easily move her into a more dynamic pose. In addition we will look at using and rendering Maya`s nHair system to create and pose her hair rather than relying on polygon strips or geometry.

Finally we will mix everything together in Photoshop and look at adding an extra layer of detail to give us our final render.

By the end of this course you will have the knowledge and skills needed to create, pose and render any character. Plus you will have an understanding of how to create realistic skin and hair.

I hope you enjoy this course, if so please let me know. You can find the full tutorial at the following link –

Creating a Sci-Fi Villain in Maya and Silo

You can also find details on part one here –

 Creating a Sci-Fi Hero in Maya and Silo