Project Description

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to be asked to work on what would be my second Wolfblood title. This time around instead if it being a 2D based adventure game like The Mystery of Stoneybridge it would be a 3D endless runner style title created by the talented people at Playerthree.

This meant I was first tasked with building, texturing and rigging the main wolf model while staying within strict polygon and joint budgets. Once created I then generated all the animations needed for the game, run, jump, slide etc.

I was then asked to help out by creating the props and environment art for the urban based levels which are seen when you play in story mode.

You can see a small preview of some of these below, as well as examples of some of the wolf animations.

Below is also a trailer for the game so you can see it in action, as well as a hand full of screen grabs, and if you like the comic style illustration work that was created by Tom Waterhouse.

Why not have a go at the game yourself, it is now available online through the link below as well as on iOS and Android devices.

Wolfblood Shadow Runners