I enjoy painting portraits but the problem is, because I like to add detail, they can take a long time to create.

One thing I always wanted was the ability to speed paint, which would be to create a decent painting in under an hour. So I’ve decided to set myself a challenge and that’s to put the detailed portraits aside and focus on speed painting. I hope that this will help to develop my observation skills, my accuracy as and my overall speed.

What I am going to do is dedicate a maximum of an hour per portrait, and see how far I can push it and then at the end I will compare the first and last paintings to see how I have done.

I also want you all to join me in this challenge! So I have added links to the templates i’m using below so you can download and follow along. Feel free to use any device or application to paint, just get painting!

If you post your work to Instagram, make sure you add the hashtag #antcgispeedpaint and I will share them on my own Instagram story. If you also fancy being a subject of one of these speed paints then all you need to do is add the #drawmeantcgi hashtag to your best photo and you could be chosen to be painted.

See more on my Instagram page.