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Whether its characters or vehicles, animals or scenery every project will need a different approach when it comes to rigging. Your subject will need to move in a certain way or have unique attributes to take into account, but above all else a rig must be easy for the animator to use.

In this project we are combining both character and vehicle rigs as we look at creating BOB-Bot, a robot with arms, a head and tank tracks for feet.  That being said we will be focusing more on the tank tracks themselves, creating a fun little rig which will automate the tracks movement and add some basic functionality.

In the first three videos we will glance over the actual modelling of the robot and his tracks in Silo, before we jump into Maya. Here we will focus on using a series of expressions to drive the tracks around the three main wheels. Using this approach will give the animator more freedom and flexibility as the tracks will move naturally as the wheels move, rather than their movement being dependent upon the Time Slider.

Video 01 – Block out BOB-Bots body


Video 02 – Create the Wheels


Video 03 – Add the Track


Video 04 – Begin Rigging


Video 05 – Animate The Tread


Video 06 – Move the Tread with the Curves Position


Video 07 – Move the Tread in Negative Space


Video 08 – Add the Rest of the Tread


Video 09 – Wheel Rotation & Final Rig Tweaks

Reposted with permission from 3DWorld magazine.