Phone and tablet cases are now as common as bread and milk. Everyone has one in some shape or form and more are being released each day. We all have a desire to protect our investments while also personalising them in our own way, so how do you decide which case is the right one for you?

The answer isn’t easy, picking a case is like choosing a pair of shoes. They have to be functional but stylish while allowing your personality to shine through.

Jison have been creating cases since 2001 with each one being hand crafted with care to give us the best quality.

They recently sent me both an iPhone 8 Plus hard back case and an iPad Pro case to test and review. I have been putting them through there paces for the past month. Taking them out with me to various places as well as performing a series of tests.

So are they worth a look when it comes to making that all important decision? Read on to find out…

The iPhone Case

I’ll be honest, I don’t like cases which don’t cover the front of the phone, so I was a little concerned about trying this one out. I worry that I will put it in my pocket and my keys will scratch the screen or something will drop onto it as its sat on my desk.

I did initially think that I would test it for a few weeks but then return my phone to the safety of my usual slip case, however I have found that its grown on me and i’m now a little reluctant to detach it.

The leather feels really nice as you hold it, offering some extra grip and support meaning it won’t slip out of your hand. Its sturdy and well made which gives you confidence that it will protect the phone if its dropped or bumped. I have dropped the phone and knocked it against things during normal use and the case saved me from a cracked screen or a dented corner on more than one occasion.

It covers the back and sides of the phone well, curling around the sides as it hugs it tightly. The lip which folds over the front offers just enough of a relief should it be dropped or placed face down. The case is also deep enough that the camera lenses on the back are protected when the phone is placed on a desk.

I did find that the leather which covers the power and volume buttons was initially a little stiff, but after a while it softened. Also, the hole for the mute slider is a little deep and tight, making it difficult to reach the switch, especially if you have short finger nails.

It also works well when placing the phone on a wireless charging pad.

The iPad Pro Case

The iPad Pro case wasn’t what I was expecting. I’m used to testing cases which attach to the iPad, so having one which acted more like a cover than a case was a novelty.

Just like the phone case, the iPad Pro case is microfiber leather and feels good to hold. It has the same high quality finish as the phone case and even after a month of intense usage there are no signs of the stitching coming apart. Something I have experienced in the past. The iPad slips inside the cover which is padded on both sides for protection. Just in front of the opening is is an area which holds the Apple Pencil, (or alternative stylus if you use one), which makes it ideal for when your traveling.

I also have the keyboard which attaches to the iPad Pro and acts as a cover for the front but unfortunately the iPad wouldn’t fit in the case with this attached. Which was disappointing as this means I have to take it separately if I need to travel.

I was also disappointed with the stand functionality. To use the cover as a stand you remove the iPad and fold the cover, just as you do with most other tablet cases. A magnetic strip then holds the cover in place. The iPad then simply rests against it and you use the pen holder to stop it sliding forwards.

It certainly does the job of propping up the iPad for you, but it’s a less elegant solution that I have seen before. I think this should be referred to as a cover as its more suited to that label, and if we look at it from that perspective it works well.

Should You Invest?

As an alternative to the Apple leather case I think the Jison iPhone case is a great buy and at half the retail price an absolute steal. Its stylish and feels more luxurious than its price tag plus its well built and will do the job its designed for, protecting your phone.

Although I didn’t really like the design of the iPad Pro case initially, I have since come to appreciate it as more of a travel companion. I do prefer to use the iPad Pro in its naked form, so having a cover for it, rather than a case which attaches to the iPad and adds to its weight and bulk, was an option I hadn’t considered before, but will be using from now on.

Its important to also note that Jison make cases for all major phones and tablets, in a variety of colours. So they should have something to suit everyone’s style.

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