Project Description

For a few years now I’ve been exploring another aspect to my art skills, and instead focused more on digital painting in my spare time than sculpting or modelling. I felt that my 2D skills were waning so wanted to bring them back up to a reasonable level where I wasn’t terrified if a client asked for a concept.

As you can see, my portraits are a little strange. I much prefer the more stylised approach when it comes to artwork, I just find it more interesting to create and to look at.

Up to now these two sides of my career have remained separate so I thought it would be fun to take one of my concepts and recreate her in glorious 3D. What’s more, I thought I’d share the process with you lucky readers, so you can do the same.

I’m also happy to share that after eight years of writing for 3DWorld magazine, my art was chosen to be the cover for this issue.

Clay RenderWireframe

The concept which inspired the 3D portrait.

Find out more about here here – Alla Portrait