Creating Jessie2016-10-31T15:40:09+01:00

Project Description

In over five and a half hours of video I share my process for modelling, posing, lighting and rendering her using Subdivision Surfaces, Maya and Photoshop.

In course one we quickly block out the Jessie and pose her before we add details, her clothing, boots hat and chaps.

In course two we move into Maya as we explore lighting and shading. We also play around with shaders and look at the various render options available.

When rendered we then complete her in Photoshop by playing around with the render passes, adding detail textures and painting in her hair and final touches.

I hope you enjoy these videos, if so please let me know. You can find both courses at the following links –

Creating Jessie – Course One – Modeling

Creating Jessie – Course Two – Rendering