Project Description

When it comes to working with particles or fluids, the results can be as unpredictable as the weather. Trying to control them can also feel like shouting aimlessly into a storm, your voice vanishing into a clap of thunder.

In this tutorial for 3DWorld magazine, we will be throwing caution to the wind as we look at creating two, yes two dynamics simulations in the same scene, (not counting the other existing system, her hair, which is another tutorial entirely).

You will take a prebuilt model of a girl out for an evening run and use nParticles to add dynamic and interactive rain. In addition to this you will also enlist the use of Bifrost to create and simulate a puddle erupting as she splashes through it.

nParticles have been a part of Maya for a while now, but Bifrost, a powerful yet simplistic fluid simulation system is a more recent addition and well worth investigating.

What you will see from this tutorial is that creating dynamic rain and a detailed, animated splash doesn`t always have to come down to modelling or sculpting. Not when you have nParticles and Bifrost to do all the hard work for you.