Project Description

I feel like I am back on track with these studies now, especially after my last one. This didn’t take as much time and I am much happier with the result, plus I enjoyed working on it.

I think with the last piece I maybe aimed too high with the subject. It was a tricky pose and had multiple light sources which didn’t read well in the painting.

What I also experimented with while working on this was recording the process. I tried a few approaches just using my phone on a tripod above me. The main iPhone camera app seemed to be perfect but I soon found it to be too limiting. You couldn’t adjust the speed so the results ended up too short. I finally used an app called Hyperlapse which was much better but I have a few more to test before I settle on a process.

What I have done is compiled the videos I made and uploaded the full video to YouTube. You can see the results below.

Created entirely on the Wacom MobileStudio Pro using Photoshop.

Other Media