Project Description

I’ve always found subdivision surface modeling to be therapeutic in a way. You are working with as few polygons as possible while also trying to maintain clean and efficient topology. It’s like working with a puzzle, one which can then be smoothed using one of a variety of algorithms to give the illusion that it has much more detail than it actually does.

For years this is the way I worked, and on few occasions I would use basic shaders to texture the model to maintain a simplistic art style.

Time and technology stand still for no man and being of an artistic persuasion my inner self has always pushed me to learn more, to be more. So now what was once the main model becomes the base mesh; the foundations for my artwork.

In part one of this workshop for 3DWorld magazine we explored Maya`s updated and improved modelling tools as we constructed our main, asymmetrical character, Igor, who grew from a simple cube.

Now that we have that model we can begin to look at taking him to the next level, and in this course you will do just that as you explore applying UV`s in Maya using the new Unfold3D tool.

This will then be follow by taking Igor into ZBrush where he will be painted using Polypaint before returning to Maya for shader setup and rendering.