Marsno Earphones Review

I’m now in my forties and throughout my life I’ve had countless headphones. I remember being in the back of the car as my parents drove me and my brothers to the coast for our annual holiday. Walkman in my lap and a pair of flimsy headphones with foam padding clamped around my head. These days we are spoilt with the variety on offer, and those inclined can spend [...]

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Surface Studio Review

When Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio back in October 2016, like most people, I was impressed with how it looked. The idea of having a single desktop device which could do everything sounded perfect. It had a computer built into the base, a gorgeous, large screen and what’s more, the screen could be lowered to become an artists graphics tablet. No need to buy each piece separately or find [...]

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Meko Stylus Review

I’ve tried to paint on my phone with my finger, but it just doesn’t work for me. I need to feel like there is something in my hand, an implement that I use to create the paint strokes and sketches. On top of this I find the experience uncomfortable and after a session of dragging my finger across the screen the friction begins to take its toll. On top [...]

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Jison Leather Cases

Phone and tablet cases are now as common as bread and milk. Everyone has one in some shape or form and more are being released each day. We all have a desire to protect our investments while also personalising them in our own way, so how do you decide which case is the right one for you? The answer isn’t easy, picking a case is like choosing a pair [...]

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Wacom Stand Review

When the MobileStudio Pro was released it wasn’t just the name which was changed to move it away from the Cintiq Companion range. This time around Wacom decided not to include the extras which were bundled with the earlier devices, so this time you didn’t get a stand or slick carry case. If I’m honest I never liked the Companion stands. They were large, bulky, clumsy and [...]

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Pro Pen 3D Review

When it comes to drawing, painting or sculpting digitally the pen you use is just as important as the device you are working on. Just like any input device it must be comfortable as well as functional but most importantly it needs to feel “right”. That’s quite a general statement but until you touch the tip to the screen you don’t know if that pen in your [...]

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MobileStudio Pro 16 Review

It’s no secret that Wacom’s foray into the mobile market has been a patchy one. Throughout the Cintiq Companions four-year lifespan we have seen many iterations, including an Android based system, as they test the market and tweak the design to hit that sweet spot of functionality and mobility. Unfortunately, although good devices, they have been marred by issues of weight, battery life and noise. Not to mention a [...]

PenDorra Stylus Review

Stylus is the buzzword at the moment and everyday there seems to be a new release which will improve the way you interact with your device. Just like a traditional pen or pencil, your choice of stationary can be a very personal one. The same can be said of the stylus you use, so more choice in this area is never a bad thing. Whether your an artist or [...]

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Fitbit Blaze Review

It’s been a while since I used a fitness tracker. I’ve had a few over the years but the reason I stopped wearing one was that I found them limiting. They are ideal for everyday use but only being able to track running or walking meant my trips to the gym were being dictated by the device, meaning I only wanted to do the activities which were actually tracked. [...]

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iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Review

I never intended to buy an iPad Pro. Yes, I own an iPhone and have done for many years now. I also got sucked into the whole iPad vortex eventually, thinking it would allow me to be more productive but it ultimately ended up living out its days in the bottom of a drawer. When Apple revealed the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil I didn't even bother to [...]

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