PenDorra Stylus Review

Stylus is the buzzword at the moment and everyday there seems to be a new release which will improve the way you interact with your device. Just like a traditional pen or pencil, your choice of stationary can be a very personal one. The same can be said of the stylus you use, so more choice in this area is never a bad thing. Whether your an artist or [...]

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Fitbit Blaze Review

It’s been a while since I used a fitness tracker. I’ve had a few over the years but the reason I stopped wearing one was that I found them limiting. They are ideal for everyday use but only being able to track running or walking meant my trips to the gym were being dictated by the device, meaning I only wanted to do the activities which were actually tracked. [...]

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iPad Pro & Apple Pencil Review

I never intended to buy an iPad Pro. Yes, I own an iPhone and have done for many years now. I also got sucked into the whole iPad vortex eventually, thinking it would allow me to be more productive but it ultimately ended up living out its days in the bottom of a drawer. When Apple revealed the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil I didn't even bother to [...]

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Jaybird Reign Review

When you hear the words “Activity Tracker” the first thought which springs to mind is one of a pedometer. A device worn on your wrist or belt which simply counts your movements for the day. This information is then pushed through various algorithms to work out when you were walking, running or just sat on the sofa. The idea behind this type of tracker being that you have a [...]

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Jaybird X2 Review

You may not know it but we can all travel in time. We do it while at work or working out, on a long commute or studying in our bedrooms, yet we don`t even notice. Now, this ability is limited. We can`t go backwards or forwards, instead, with the help of a magical ingredient, we can make the present seem to fly by. What is that magical ingredient? You [...]

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Sketch Wallet – Review in Progress

Improving my drawing skills is something I strive for, not just for my career but also because I want to be a better artist. No matter how many books you follow or how many classes you take, the best advice has always been to draw every day. Just half an hour of daily doodling can improve your skills over time - Its that simple. The problem is life inevitably gets [...]

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Huion 1060 Plus Review

If you are any type of graphic artist, be that a traditional painter who uses applications like Photoshop or Mischief, or more of a 3D modeller and virtual sculptor, you need to own a graphics tablet. Using a standard mouse just isn`t an option with this type of work. With a tablet and stylus you get that natural fluidity and pressure sensitivity as you would if drawing with a [...]

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Wacom Bamboo Spark Review

Taking notes and jotting down ideas is something we all do. Whether it’s recording the details of a meeting, or roughing out an early concept, we end up using pages upon pages of paper which is then hidden away in a pile of notepads or sketchbooks. Recently there has been a growing trend of recording these scribblings digitally and storing them in the cloud using a variety of devices. [...]

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Fitbit Charge HR Review

Earlier this year I reviewed the Fitbit Charge, a great device for keeping you active and also motivated to do so. Shortly after the Charge went on sale in the UK, Fitbit released the Fitbit Charge HR. A similar device to the Charge but this time with the added feature of a heart rate monitor. Rather than rush out a follow up review I thought I’d let the Charge HR [...]

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Cintiq 27QHD Touch Review

A few years ago I made a decision, one that would change my workflow forever. For a long time I had worked with a Wacom tablet in one form or another, these being primarily the Intuos graphic tablets and earlier versions. So, as you may know, your hand is drawing on the desktop while your eyes are on the screen. This worked well for me initially, but I longed [...]

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