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Founded in 2014 by industry veteran Antony Ward, author of Game Character Development in Maya (2004), Game Character Development (2008) and 3D Modeling in Silo (2010). antCGi boasts over two decades of experience in digital media, as well as a vast suite of courses available through Digital Tutors, 3DWorld and CGTuts+.

It’s with this backbone of knowledge and expertise that I supply quality digital art, game art, rigging, animation and illustration services to a wide range of clients.

I am currently taking bookings so please get in touch and we can discuss how I can help with your project.


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Antonys 3D work is not only precise and accurate to our designs, but the quality and turnover times are second to none. He tops it off by being a nice chap who is very easy to deal with and responsive to design changes, which is important when we have very tight deadlines from high profile clients.
Marcus Kenyon, Finger Industries Ltd
Antony is an artist we go back to again and again, always professional, he consistently answers any brief he’s given to the highest standard. If you’re looking for quality and reliability I would recommend Antony every time.
Darren Mills, Creative Director, Sumo Digital Ltd
Antony brings a passion and intensity to his work not often seen in a lot of artists in the industry. He is truly a top notch artist. The most impressive skills that Ant has shown me, is his ability to follow through. He met deadlines and continued to have high quality output. You can always expect Ant to put 110% effort into whatever he’s working on. I would strongly recommend Antony Ward for any professional opportunity. He will be a great asset to any company.
Steven Anderson, PL Studios
I had the pleasure of hiring Antony for the first time last year. He produced excellent quality work, which was both technically accurate and creative.
I have since made sure I hire Antony for regular content in 3D World magazine and his quality of work has only improved.
He has responded well to deadlines and has even jumped in to help out when other contributors have been unable to complete a task.
To top that off, he is both personable and professional. A pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with him more.
Robert Redman, Technical Editor, 3D World
I first worked with Antony way back in the 97′ well before PS2. We were both on a secret project at Krisalis. Even then Ant was a brilliant artist and animator. Knowing this Ant joined me some years later as senior animator at EANW studio on my recommendation and didn’t disappoint.

Ants a brilliant driven artist, excellent animation skills and technical skills, he proved himself invaluable to the studio. Its hard to find an Artist and animator with such technical expertise these days.

His skills are not only for himself, as a mentor Ant works brilliant with junior members of the team. Even to the point of writing books on Maya and Maya animation systems. Ant is a powerful creative asset to any studio or client.

Colin Price, Coldesign Limited
Antony applied himself totally to build some very usual and creative rigs. With his technical expertise and calm approach, Antony has been unflappable despite the scale and refinements required for the task.
Stephen Dorrance, Ragdoll Productions
We hired Antony to create high resolution models based upon low resolution Xbox(1) models.

The quality of the finished models were perfect for us, as such I can whole heartedly recommend him to others.

Stewart Gilray, CEO, Just Add Water Limited
I served as Antony’s Acquisitions Editor for his book Game Character Development. Antony was a very reliable author who was a pleasure to work with. He adhered to his schedule, turned in high-quality material, and was a true professional throughout the manuscript process. It would be a pleasure to work with Antony again.
Heather Hurley, Course Technology